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Ceramic Filter Plate

Ceramic Filter Plate


The ceramic filter plate is the core component of the ceramic filter and belongs to a new type of porous functional ceramic material. It is full of crisscross and interconnected capillary micropores (with a pore size of about 1.5 ㎛). Due to the capillary effect, after the ceramic filter plate contacts the slurry to be separated, the liquid automatically enters the microporous channel without external force, and the solid is blocked on the surface of the filter plate.

Characteristics of ceramic filter plate:

1、High strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life;

2、The micropore is small (the pore diameter is about 1.5 µ m), with good capillary effect, and the filtrate is automatically sucked into the micropore to save energy consumption;

3、Because the micropore passes water but not air during operation, the filtration pressure difference is high (the vacuum degree can reach -0.098mpa), the moisture of the filter cake is low and the filtration efficiency is high;

4、The filtrate is clear and the content of suspended solids is low (21ppm). It can be used as on-site circulating water to eliminate environmental pollution and save water resources.

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