Vacuum Ceramic Disc

GCT solid liquid separation and environmental protection equipment manufacturer

Core values: "Integrity, Affinity, & Creativity".

GCT solid liquid separation and environmental protection equipment manufacturer

Core values: "Integrity, Affinity, & Creativity".

Ceramic filter plate (mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, etc.)


Ceramic filter plate pore size is usually 1 - 5 microns (the most commonly used for the 1.5 - 2.0 microns), such pores can produce strong capillary action, ceramic filter work, under the action of the vacuum pump, only the liquid through the micro The pore becomes filtrate, and the solid and the gas are blocked on the surface of the filter plate to become the filter cake, and the solid-liquid separation is realized. Ceramic filter plate can produce capillary action and has excellent mechanical properties, making the ceramic filter and other filter cloth as a filter media filter has many advantages compared to this ceramic filter is widely used. Ceramic filter can be widely used in non-ferrous metals mining, coal, chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dehydration and other industries, a wide range of applications.




Second, the main features

(1) Energy efficient: processing capacity, energy-saving effect is obvious. Processing capacity> 1100kg / m2 h, electricity <0.5kWh / t h, compared with the traditional disc, external filter, saving more than 80% energy consumption.

(2) Automatic control: high-performance series models using automatic control, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, reducing operator labor intensity, can reduce the number of operators.

(3) Solid structure, durable: the use of computer optimization design, reasonable structure, reliable, the main transmission components using maintenance-free design, reduce failure rate, tank body stainless steel mixing system structure to ensure its long service life.


(4) To improve the quality of mineral processing products, reduce transportation costs: As the water after the filter is very low concentrate can greatly improve the market competitiveness of products and reduce transportation costs and losses in the transport process.


(5) Obvious environmental effects: the filtrate is clear, can be reused to reduce emissions, in line with the current trend of cleaner production and environmental protection

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